AMC Pembroke Lakes 9: Review

When I venture out to a movie theater, especially if it's for a blockbuster or highly anticipated film, I want more than just a big screen. I'm the type that will pay $20 a ticket to make sure that my seat is reserved, that the food and screens are above standard quality, and the atmosphere must be overwhelmingly comfortable. Others may be willing to spend as much, but rather not have a mundane viewing. I believe we've found a place to accommodate us both!

SilverSpot Cinema (Coconut Creek): Few But Great

SilverSpot Cinema Theater SilverSpot Cinema is practically a Florida exclusive, considering three (Coconut Creek, Naples, and upcoming Miami)-out-of-five (Chapel Hill-NC and upcoming Orange Village-OH) theaters reside in this state. I visited the Coconut Creek location and found it's location pretty ideal. In the Promenade, along with the SilverSport, are an accumulation of nice restaurants and shops. To me, … Continue reading SilverSpot Cinema (Coconut Creek): Few But Great