AMC Pembroke Lakes 9: Review

When I venture out to a movie theater, especially if it's for a blockbuster or highly anticipated film, I want more than just a big screen. I'm the type that will pay $20 a ticket to make sure that my seat is reserved, that the food and screens are above standard quality, and the atmosphere must be overwhelmingly comfortable. Others may be willing to spend as much, but rather not have a mundane viewing. I believe we've found a place to accommodate us both!

ROK:BRGR – My Downtown Burger Pick

Rok Burger. Where Burgers Rok! Okay, I'll stick to just reviewing... So, this lovely slice of well-grilled heaven resides near Los Olas on 2nd street, downtown. Let's see if it's food is as good as it's location! The Vibe - Inviting Bar Atmosphere When you enter, you get the vibe of a small-time bar with … Continue reading ROK:BRGR – My Downtown Burger Pick

O-B House : A Pricey, Delicious Secret

Hello, lovers of Cinema and Cinnamon! With this being my first restaurant review, it's only fitting that it would be for breakfast, so let's dig in at O-B House! O-B House's Ingredient Choices The narrative of the O-B House is, higher price for higher quality ingredients. This is enforced on the site, the owner detailing … Continue reading O-B House : A Pricey, Delicious Secret