Spaghetto Factory: Best Pasta Secret

Welcome To The Pasta Factory

There are countless restaurants in Broward county that we often saturated with options. Sometimes we become annoyed with taking risks when often enough, the best culinary ideas were birthed from experimentation. Introducing a small little spot that I found, brimming with potential.

Select Your Pasta

The Spaghetto Factory, found in Davie along Oaks Road, at first glance seems a bit homely from the outside. The location is part of a large building, I passed twice on my first visit. The restaurant houses a dedicated kitchen which bakes, molds and shapes their own dough in a variety of dishes! Like an my first restaurant review, the OB House, Spaghetto Factory makes an emphasis on everything being freshly made. They also flash freeze the noodles they make for those who to buy them. Their flour varies from high-gluten, Durum wheat, whole wheat and of course, gluten-free wheat.

What About The Taste!?


Slightly Addicting

Let’s talk about two pasta orders! First, a Fettuccine pasta with Alfredo sauce and shrimp. The noodles were thick in the best way, but it seems they do not apply enough sauce to this dish. I tried it twice and it seemed a bit lacking for me. The shrimp still had its shell on the tail, which prompted me to remove them before eating. Other than that, I enjoyed it enough to order it again so its minor complaints. Next I ordered the classic spaghetti with tomato & basil. This is where I fell in love with the place!  The buzzword is, “texture”, each bite is fulfilling, the meatballs are well seasoned and nearly blend together with the spaghetti. Their sauce is also rich in texture, I’m glad it wasn’t as thin as other popular joints.

“The satisfaction of a well-rolled lump of pasta doesn’t compare to any chain.”

Not the best presentation, but boy does the taste make it worth!

When I inquired about the sauce, an employee stated they use canned tomato however, we can request sauce be made from fresh tomatoes. I will return to confirm this and let you all know. The bread is hit or miss, sometimes I can’t get enough of it, others, the taste is a bit off. Considering the inconsistencies with the bread, I imagine the time you order it will make a difference.

Just A Pinch Of TLC

Lastly a little critique for this establishment, in all my visits the workers were not mean but too short. You order out, and once you have paid, the bag is left on table and the cashier will often walk away from the desk. Whether sitting down or takeout, waiter interactions can make or break an overall experience. I suggest just a little more focus on that personality with your customers. Needless to say I wholeheartedly recommended this place! Pasta lovers! Please give em’ a visit and let me know your thoughts? Amazing, bad, nothing special? I want to know!


Til next time!

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