Unfriended: Dark Web


The Web Is Scary!

The web is so scary that it allows us, mere humans, to tap into the dark arts of magic. The challenge the Dark Web(Unfriended 2) faces is making a sequel without tiring out the “ghost computer” stitch. So how do you make a desktop horror without having a supernatural entity affecting it, and keep it believable?  Well, don’t ask these guys because they don’t have an answer! They instead chose to just make humans do these supernatural things as if they were ghosts affecting a computer.

The Magic Comedy Show

The movie is an unintentional comedy, horror show in its basic form. The Dark Web decided to allow the protagonist to be completely unlikable and stupid. There were at least three moments where the safety of everyone would not have been compromised but this guy chooses to ensure their demise. The main protagonist has a subplot with his girlfriend who’s a mute. At first, it was cute but when you began to learn more about this guy, I lost all investment and let him fight for his death. Considering the people who run the dark are basically wizards rather than hackers, you feel there’s no way they can lose. The ways some of these hackers… “hack” ranges from laughable to annoying depending on the stupidity of what they’re doing.

A Terrible Unfriend

I had hoped the side characters survived our protagonist’s silly decision making. Most of his friends were sympathetic simply because they were smart enough to say, “How about we stop?” UnfrUYet the movie continues on because the movie has to happen. However, if the movie has to happen then write a less frustrating reason as to why it’s happening. The movie ends with a cute little twist, my friend hated it but it gave me a chuckle.

Stay In the Dark

All in all, the bad choices made by the bad characters tarnished an already bland movie. I can’t find a reason to recommend this to anyone unless you know someone who really is paranoid about the government oversight of our technology… It’ll scare the crap out of them. Also, we’ve all seen the dark web anyway, it’s called 4-Chan, and it doesn’t get darker than that place.


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