The Nun

So Let’s Talk The Nun…

The Nun is a prequel to the Conjuring series, giving us a backstory on this infamous creature. The movie aims to provide her origin, suspenseful scares, and connection to the other movies. So let’s talk…

These movies have always been an event for my horror friends and I mainly because the Conjuring and Annabelle movies usually have at least two well-formed scenes that really stick with you. It’s a safer bet than going to straight to Redbox horror movies in my opinion. The Nun is no different but also like the other movies in this series, it takes ambiance, builds it up, then scares you good! Now once you’ve seen the Nun ghost do her thing… you basically have seen her tricks.

The James Wan Formula

It’s a whole lot of behind creeping

Here’s the thing about horror and my experience with it. Once you see enough horror movies you gain a certain understanding of the generic scare beat. The silence, the horror music pitch, the drawn-out delay, and then the loud blaring sound accompanied by a scary visual. There you have folks! The Conjuring universe loves this formula so adamantly, it’s to a fault. Horror is seeing something in silence and it makes your heart beat faster. Best horror plays on relatable fears, so in Heredity, there’s a scene of the woman, turning off a light and faintly seeing a silhouette of her recently dead mother. It was faint and possibly your eyes are playing tricks on you but it was such an effective scene. Due to their soft touch, when you get home you take an extra second look when you turn off a light – it sticks with you. No predictable gap, no creepy tone, and loud noise at the climax of the scare, it worked strictly on build-up and creepy imaginary. The Nun ain’t got no time for that!

No One Wants To Live

Scary right? The more it moves, the less you feel that way.

Lastly, the movie had a trio of characters who failed in basic self-preservation to an absurd degree. To be fair the sister and priest had a reason why they had to be there, unlike the third gentlemen. Yet, even still they decided to play Scooby Doo many times by splitting up in an environment that is obviously hostile. It baffles the mind at times when someone could have either waited for a friend or just NOT walked after a creepy specter, all to get these repeated formulaic scares. Half the scares are illusions or visions which kills already dull moments. At one point I thought to myself, “Well if you’re going to be that dumb, then go ahead”.

A Decent Scare

You ever get that feeling…

Overall, I laughed at a good amount of moments, one being with a recurring entity that keeps screwing around with the priest. It does well for the beginning but fails to land on a satisfying conclusion. I appreciate the bits it had because I did get my two truly scary scenes in the movie, and that’s what I came into this movie expecting. We should ask more from horror movies but I’m just glad that there are still directors still invested in making competent horror films.

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