So Let’s Talk Searching…

Searching is a mystery thriller done through the same visual aesthetic as a recently reviewed movie, Unfriended. It speaks on the theme of a father not truly understanding his daughter, and then her suddenly disappearing. The trailer attempted to make it seem like a more sinister movie but it’s not. In fact, it’s an interesting movie with a lot of twists to keep the desktop view gimmick entertaining.

Brilliant Start Page


Searching, never lost my intention until near the end where it slowed down a bit before its climax. They give you a well-directed intro as to who these people are and why should we care about them. After the daughter disappeared, the movie begins to ramp up. By this time, we’re given multiple reveals about the daughter so that we learn along with the dad. It’s interesting because unlike us, he was absolutely certain he knew who she was thus his reactions feel genuine. The impact of these moments is so enjoyable because John Cho is acting his ass off in this movie. Cho burns through the many respected paternal emotions in the movie, capturing a dad who is being flung around in a suspenseful rollercoaster.


I’m Feeling Unlucky


The mystery was so entertaining that I couldn’t wait to see if my deduction was right. After following all the clues and hints, it wasn’t until the ending where it lost me. If you took all the notes from every encounter, you would NEVER be able to determine what happened to his daughter. It’s my least favorite type of mystery, which is one where I don’t feel the clues we discovered allowed us to figure it out before the protagonist. Many may not mind this because the movie is looking for those “gasp,” moments. They don’t want you to jump ahead of the line, they prefer you to sit there and enjoy the ride, and well – that’s their intention.


Recommended Search

I hate to say but there’s so little I can say without spoiling the movie. I recommend this movie even if you may not be able to deduce the ending, you will enjoy the ride. I stress that this isn’t an action movie nor a horror, it’s a character-driven, mystery, thriller movie. If that interests you and if you don’t have a hangup about the ending like I did, well, search no further.


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