Mission Impossible Fallout Review: Falling Out Asleep

Mission Impossible Fallout

I’ll admit, I haven’t been with the Mission Impossible series for a long time. The first one I saw in theaters was Ghost Protocol. The movie was a fixed tempo of action and suspense, coupled with a “We’re on our own” setup, made for a very entertaining movie. And to think, I was ignoring this popular gem! With this new fandom, I knew I would be there when Fallout was announced. After watching it, perhaps my intrigue for this series was meant to be as short-lived as it was.

Story Needlessly Complicated

“I’m putting together a team of people to remind everyone how awesome I am!”

The plot at first seemed simple enough, prevent the bad guys from getting bombs. Unfortunately, the plot desires to introduce several syndicates,key players and aliaises to fatten a thin plot. In the end, you realize that the movie included the excess of plot points just to set up a predictable ending. I can’t fathom the story being a selling point of the movie, but because the movie spends a fair amount of time on exposition I assume the movie wants to be invested.

Cruise Control

“I’m already rich, I’m just doing this for the rush”

Everyone seems to be having fun with the movie and not taking it too seriously. Tom Cruise seems to be auto-piloting through the emotional moments but shows his chops in the lighthearted moments and actions scenes. I’m going to say this, (knowing it’s not a popular opinion) most of the set pieces did nothing for me. There are two set pieces hinted in the trailer that share the same problem of lasting too long for its own good. It turned a decent car chase into a chore due to how long it lasted. I think part of the disconnect was I never felt that Cruise was in danger. I found the hand-to-hand combat scene more thrilling in general.Henry Cavil still doesn’t quite sell it for me but he did seem much more imposing than his role as Superman. All the other actors are there to even fawn or foil for Tom Cruise’s character.

A Vehicle Rather Than A Story

The movie is doing really well with 90’s from both critics and users so I feel left out in the craze. I feel the movie is a thrill-ride but all the twists and turns are predictable.I was shocked at the moment the movie relied on the classic, “hanging by a thread” set piece. The story is too convoluted that I’m sure I’m not supposed to take it serious.

“Tom, Tom… Is this stiff enough?”

Movie Do Or Don’t

I will be the one person who says, Don’t. The movie was full moments that were kinda cool or cute but ultimately it’s a fattened-up James Bond story. The movie was filled with twists, turns, action, and humor yet all these things managed either mildly entertain or simply bore me, thus begins my fallout with everyone else in the world. Haha!

For comments, critiques, observations and thoughts, please post below!

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