Sorry To Bother You Review: Worthy Of An Upsell

Sorry To Bother You

*Ring, Ring*

“Hello, ma’am or sir! Sorry to bother you at this time of day or evening but if I could have a moment of your time to talk about a unique movie experience. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Is this just another blockbuster he’s offering’? No, no I assure it’s not, what I’m offering to you is a movie that will intrigue you with a very current social commentary of the  lower-class working force.”

Tell Me More

The movie makes even cold-calling interesting

“You’re interested? Well, that’s good so let’s talk surface level for a moment. This upcoming actor Lakieth Stanfield, plays Cassius, your everyday guy down on his luck. He lives in his uncle’s garage barely able to support himself let alone his eccentric, beautiful girlfriend played by Tessa Thompson. I guess even a guy like that can be a subject envy, right? *Fake Laughter* So he gets a new job as a telemarketer which at first is not going well but when he’s given a tip to use his ‘white’ voice, well things turn around. Now here comes the juicy meat, when he’s promoted to a prestige level in the company, he’s stuck in the middle between his friends at work whom – like him previously – was treated unfairly, and the life he desired for so long no matter the cost!”

Who’s In It?

“Explain how the third act is going to go again?”

“Now the characters around Cassius range from being a real person to being a rated-R Disney villain. Stanfield plays Cassius as our avatar, you see? The world he lives in is insane yet nearly everyone around him is used to it. His girlfriend is a passionate artist who hates the same corporate machine that Cassius is benefitting from. An American favorite, Armie Hammer, plays the rich tycoon with a friendly-then-venomous nature. And yes, I agree, Armie Hammer being anything close venomous is preposterous, but that’s how good he is the movie! Oh, I must give you a heads up for Omari Hardwick, you know he’s on that popular show, Power – you heard of it? Me neither but the kids love it, anyway, he builds you up thinking he’s just going to be one-note then with one scene he brings the sick mentality that powers the corporate machine around for audience in the theater.”

Sounds Like a Perfect Movie, But…

“So, I know you have one question, ‘what’s the catch?’ Well, I knew you were too smart to believe in a perfect movie. I feel like we’ve formed a pretty strong bond right about now, so let me be real with ya; the movie does have dull moments. The theme and message are thoroughly and creatively portrayed but you start to look at your watch near the end of the second act. Now I mentioned a surreal experience did I not? Well once the third act kicks in, they pretty much cut that ‘real’ out from ‘surreal’ with an Acme hammer! We’re left with ‘sur’, as in ‘sur-ely I walked into a different movie’ or ‘sur-e why not?’ Everything cranks up so high that if you’re not open-minded, it may overwhelm you, however that’s a discredit to the movie.”

Sounds Intense, What Do I Don’t I?


“But ma’am or sir, I implore to not be intimated by that! The movie is a piece of art that throws a lot at you. You may miss some of it, but I don’t believe the goal of this film is to turn you into an activist. Personally, seeing a person work towards a goal without monetary gain makes me feel uncomfortable as well, so rest assured. I believe if anything the film just needs to pull you back enough to see the absurdity of our society by witnessing a much greater absurdity in their society. With my last breath, I’ll admit that this movie is not for everyone; it’s crazy, smart, offensive, sexual, and controversial (A big buzz-word this year)!

 I say Do it! If not for yourself, then do it only for yourself because in the end, what better reason is there?”

“So… whaddya’ say?”

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