Burger 21 Restraunt Review: An Acceptable “Meh”

Burger 21

Burger 21 is nice little place on University Drive and Davie in the Arrowhead shoppes. I recall visiting this place when it first opened, and it was a lackluster experience back then. Nearly a year later, it seems their menu has doubled in size and the burgers have gotten better. Their fries are still fairly plain, nothing distinctive about them. Under their logo, it states “Burgers and Shakes,” so I had to try a shake as well. I tried the chocolate and peanut-butter shake which met my expectations. It essentially was a Reeses Cup in shake form, so for fans of the candy, you may love this one.

What About The Burger?

Not the prettiest presentation but still good

Well, the best way I can break it down on a comparison level, I’d say it’s a poor man’s burger fi. It was made on a higher scale than Five-Guys (doesn’t mean it tastes better), but they failed to provide the patty with a signature taste of flavor. Too often burgers ignore the importance of the patty itself. Overall, a decently crafted burger, with a robust variety of different flavors and sauces available. So, for those of you who are Five-Guys-Fans or BurgerFi boys, should you give this place a shot?

Ehh, not really.

Dine Or Dodge?


I couldn’t quite find that element that separates them from the big chains on the block. The fries usually help tip the scale but those fell short to both options so I’m not sure what audience likes 21 but also dislikes the other two. Of course, taste is subjective so if you’re curious about another burger joint for a change a pace, give this place a try. Otherwise, Dodge, I don’t see a reason to switch it up if you’re loving your current burger spot currently.

If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think! Does it keep compete with other burger houses?  Whether you agree or disagree, post a comment below.

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