Quick Bites: Shrimp Roll + Lobster Tail (Luke’s Lobster)

So Quick Bites will be a new format I’ll be doing in which I’ll review a certain meal/dish rather than the whole restaurant experience. I believe this will be better for those who want to try something new, but prefer their recommendations bite sized.

Luke’s Lobster


I visited Luke’s Lobster inside the Aventura Mall, located in it’s third level food courtroom. This little shack is in the immediate middle of the many restaurants. With this shack’s bold placement, how could I ignore the mall’s confidence in this place?

The Shrimp Roll + Lobster Tail

The main event of the shack is the three sandwich rolls. Those three are shrimp, lobster and crab. I’m an avid shrimp lover so that was my choice. They use the term “roll,” but it’s honestly just sea meat on a hot-dog bun. I say that dismissively because it’s the truth yet here’s the kicker, it’s really good! The bun was lightly toasted, the shrimp was cooked (obviously) but served cold.  They sprinkled the shrimp with their quoted, “secret seasoning,” whatever it is, it’s a tad light.

Tasty but Smaller than You’d Think

The bun looks barely large enough to fully hold a Ballpark Frank but they stuff a quarter-pound worth of meat in it. It an odd sensation when I took my first bite. By the time I finished half the sandwich, I was in love with it! I added a side of a small lobster tail for an additional five dollars. The tail is relatively small and also served cold, but the butter sauce that comes with it is hot. Combined, they create a warm buttery-coated tail. The sprint roll is $9, that along with the $5 lobster tail, you got a $14 deal.

My First Maine Root 


Side note: They sold the Maine Root blueberry soda, it was my first time tasting this peculiar “drank,” and it’s delicious! It captures the blueberry flavor well while refraining from being too bubbly. If it wasn’t for it’s price, I would buy them in bulk.


Well there you have it! Try it out! Let me know it you liked it, let me know if you hated it!

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