Cinemark Paradise 24 Review: An Old Flame

Cinemark Paradise 24

Greetings everyone, today I wish to talk about a little theater that’s close to my heart. Long ago, when I was a wee-lad I assumed that theaters were “one-note”. My parents would take me to these rundown places that charged six dollars per ticket. It wasn’t until a cousin’s birthday that I was taken twenty minutes from my home just to see a movie. That theater was the Cinemark Paradise 24, and not only was everything grand, but there were so many people here as well! The seats were comfortable, the screens were also bigger, and lastly, going to the movies felt like an event. I left astounded at how a movie theater could be a spectacle on its own, you could say it’s where MovieDin all began.

Really good at first impressions

Now that the history lesson is over, let’s review the theater with my now matured and cultured (do I snobby enough yet?) taste.


Now one thing I had to come to terms with is that Cinemark Paradise 24 is a commercial theater. For those who did not read my review on the Broward Mall’s Regal theater, these places are meant to grab the most people or rather, the general populace. This means that Paradise has no atmospheric focus in the screen room nor a specific feature it presses upon. Despite this, it does create excitement when approaching the theater and seeing the grand pillars of the Egyptian motif. This could be nostalgia talking but it does get me every time.

Well designed Lobby

The Lobby

The lobby is hit-and-miss with me because while the lobby is well designed, it seems to struggle for space a bit. The front box office was closed but I for one have visited the place enough to know that it’s only that way during slow hours. Getting a ticket is overall straightforward, but I’m surprised at the location’s lack of automated ticket machines. They do have them but considering the size of the theater, they could benefit from getting a few more. The concession is very competent, clear signs and prices with a well-placed pickup area. For those of you who are bringing kids, they provide a nice arcade, something that I feel is dying out. All that said, it feels close to being a cluster. They updated the lobby with a bar, but it feels oddly placed and give off the impression that Paradise 24 had to check a box. To be fair, I wasn’t at the movies during prime time but the bar felt out-of-place, especially being so close to the arcade. Personally, I found the location choices a little funny, “kids, go have fun while daddy drinks a few! I can watch you from here while I drink.” Lastly, it demonstrates the beauty of symmetry when you walk and see the design etched all over the lobby.

You’re never too cool to put a few quarters in

The Screen Room

The seats have been updated since I last came with ottoman seats. Nearly every theater has varied tiers of quality in their screen rooms. It makes me wonder if I should purchase more standard tickets because the minimum qualifications for any screen room should be “acceptable”. If there’s anything that stands out in here, its the excellent use of height and spaced seating despite being a commercial theater. It knows what it is but still makes an effort to create an above-average sense of comfort.

MovieDo or MovieDont?

Go buy a movie ticket for this place, enjoy it! In the end, the theater is not as magical as I recall; however, I would choose it over many nearby spots because it possesses a clear standard. Whether that’s too low or just enough, I hope my review gave you a better understanding. Keep in mind, there are many food stops are right next door to this one. So obviously Cinemark Paradise 24 is a do, check it out!


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