Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Movie Review

Welcome to Jurassic World: Fallen Quality!

So the park has been closed down because humans have finally decided to react like humans despite letting the park open up in the first place. Jurassic World was built on an island with a dormant volcano that is now active. Most of the dinosaurs are still alive on the island, along with the many pterodactyls that can fly. Ya know the same creatures that should be killing people or messing up the food chain of nearby biomes. Now since the Volcanos threatens to kill all the dinosaurs, our duo returns from the previous movie to go save as many as they can, especially our favorite raptor, Blue.

Love the moments between man and Raptor

The Kingdom Begins To Fall

The movie starts out well enough, with some debates over dinosaur lives, which I imagine would totally happen. It doesn’t take too long to get on the island, and the stampede scene was pretty thrilling. Admittedly I had to force myself to get invested into the scene with the dinosaurs because just like in the last movie, the CGI just stands out as not convincing. Once the movie heads into the second and third act, it starts to jump the Jurassic Shark!

The Characters


Which one has more character?

Chris Pratt is always fun to watch, now being the most jokey Rambo there is. There’s an odd thing that trailer shared with us: for some non-noteworthy reason, the two broke up again! Bryce Dallas Howard’s character has made a huge unearned step in being a dinosaur activist, while Pratt has made the unnatural decline in the beginning as being reluctant to even want to save them. The movie had to regress the characters so they could have an arc in a series that already finished their, “arc”. I’m sure the studio feared that they didn’t have enough personality to interest viewers without a contrived arc. Unfortunately, they’re right, Pratt’s character is the, “I’m too handsome to die” guy, while Howard becomes “I just want dinosaurs safe” girl. That’s it, we learn nothing more about them and that’s because the movie doesn’t care. They’re joined with a failing comedy-relief side character, (as if you need more comedy with Pratt in the film) and a sassy sidekick for good measure. Lastly, we have an obviously bad guy, who is obviously a bad guy; then they introduce a plot point that’s so silly -even for Jurassic Park- that I asked aloud to myself, “Are you guys really doing this?”

It’s a Poorly Made Frankenstein Of the Previous Movies

I see hints of all the previous Jurassic Park(including World) movies stitched into this one. Majority of the movies primary conflicts were reshaped from Jurassic 2 and Jurassic World. To me, there was no inspiration with this movie. The script seemed to have fallen off even more. Our main heroes have regressed and brought nothing new to the table, but instead brought the same weak humor and obligatory sexual tension. A good note, Blue was the only truly emotional core of the movie. The movie ends with what I thought was a terrible decision for any person who supposedly cares about humanity, yet we’re supposed to clap at the end and cheer?


“I should just pounce on you, but I’m a big fan of Little Red Riding Hood”


Movie Do or Don’t

Please Don’t! It’s a spectacle sure, but a boring one. The established “science” in these movies becomes even dumber along with the characters. Most of the people aren’t acting like people. It’s disappointing because I assumed they would make a better sequel by learning from the first Jurassic World, nope! Nothing was learned, nothing was gained, creativity seems to be extinct for this one.


Clearly, I didn’t care for this movie but let me know your thoughts, if it did work for you, let me know why! Til next time!

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