The Incredibles 2: Movie Review

The Incredibles 2 : Safe From Sequel-itis

Greetings everyone, it’s been talked about for quite a bit by now so let’s dig into the 14-year awaited sequel, The Incredibles 2!

The movie picks up where we left off from the previous movie and you better remember how it ended otherwise, tough cookies for you! The family are fighting another villain but because the collateral damage was so massive, the citizens are pissed that the family even intervened, Heroes aren’t needed anymore, apparently, insurance is the one and only savior this town needs. After this family is stuck without any help this time around, a jazzy rich tycoon comes around offering them a chance to become loved again. He wants to repaint the heroes’ image and the one person he wants to kick this campaign off with is Elastigirl! This means Bob has to sit back and be a stay-at-home dad, which doesn’t suit his style… Thus, superhero and family hijinks ensue.

Still Got it

The team behind this movie still has a knack for giving us natural people more so than most live action movies in the same genre. The artwork is even better with an overflow of emotions throughout the lines. The use of powers increased in quantity and creativity. When seeing Elastigirl at work, I’m starting to wonder if the creators of the Incredibles realized that there’s just so much more cool stuff you can do with her, rather than Bob’s power-set. One thing I did feel that was lacking is the genuine emotion scenes. There’s a lot of “aww” moments in here, but nothing to get watery eyes from the first one. Well, at least I sniffled in first one… I have a heart!

Helen Parr is probably the best fictional heroine girls can look up to.

Helen Parr (ElastiGirl) played by Holly Hunter sells her as being a normal mom. When she’s put into the limelight, she gives these, “mom” lines that emphasize that she isn’t up to date with everything but still confident. Her solo action scenes were amazing, almost so much that it would feel like there’s two different movies running parallel with each other. I know Jack-Jack(Is that his birth name?) will win over the hearts of practically everyone and I’m no different. His movements and humor was well captured, I’m positive they mocapped a baby or at least heavily studied their movements. Bob was great in the later half but for some reason the movie wanted us to redo his arc from the first movie. Bob starts out wanting to be back fighting crime, almost much more than being a father and he came as a selfish husband. He did come around but I assumed that was all taken care in the last movie. The kids Dash and Violet to me were weakest part aside from a few great scenes with them, Dash is just kinda a force of nature rather than a character and violet’s adolescence and angst was so relentless, it became less amusing and more of a chore to watch her scenes. Props to Frozone but showing why he’s friends with one of the best heroes of yesteryear. I mean, wow, if Frozone has joined the family on that island in the first movie, that conflict would have ended in less than an hour,

Mr. High-Five and Ms. High

The two new additions bring a fresh feel to the movie in more ways than one.         *Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.*

Now these two newcomers are an odd bunch. I love Winston Deavor, played by Bob Odenkirk. He brought this innocent love for heroes that you don’t see too much these days. His sister Evelyn Deavor, played by Catherine Keener was an inside running joke between my friend and I. For some reason, every time she enters the frame, she looks as if she’s in an never-ending buzzed state. I get that they wanted to design her as the more relaxed sibling, but why does she always have a Martini or cig in her hand? She never sits up and is found either slouching or laying down, and just seems like she came to work with a hangover but she’s trying to deal with it. It was a bit of unintentional humor that I couldn’t un-see once I saw it.

More Adult Than Kid

Dash doesn’t steal the show, his little brother does however.

Incredibles 2 seemed more adult centered instead of being for kids. It expresses themes of getting old, parenting, and dealing with masculinity insecurity. Bob may come off misogynistic but he just needs to learn that a father can take care of his family outside of making money, again something that many men still struggle with today. These are all adult themes that kids wont grab or understand, that alongside with the drinking when the kids aren’t around, made me question if Incredibles’ target audience was not the current generation but instead, the same kids who saw the first movie,  currently adults.

Movie Do or Don’t

DO! The movie only had one moment where it really slowed down. You feel the time during this moment, luckily it kicks back in with full force. The slow spurt and core emotional moments places this right under the first Incredibles. It doesn’t change the fact that the movie was funny, clever and well designed. This movie keeps proving to Fox how well a Fantastic 4 movie can be, but at this point, with Jack-Jack being able to become the human torch – there’s no need for them to attempt any further. It’s a DO, so do it now, do it twice and post your thoughts below!

Til next time

2 thoughts on “The Incredibles 2: Movie Review

  1. Nicholas, i do agree that this movie is more adult based rather than focus more on kids, that its more for the audience who were younger at the time the first one came out. i did expect more out of this movie, such as at least one watery eye moment, maybe more Frozone funny moments too? overall great review, definitely a must see especially for millennials for that nostalgic feeling

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    1. Agreed, it wasnt what I expected so it threw me off in the begining. There’s more than not, saying the first Incredibles is better. I’m in the minority, lol.


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