AMC Pompano Beach 18 (Formerly Muvico 18) Review

AMC Pompano Beach 18: Theater Review

Greetings my brothers and sisters of Wine and Watch! Let’s talk about a journey I experienced!

Rough First Impression

We’re here talking about another theater, seeing if this worth going to or passing up. I present to you, AMC Pompano Beach 18, formerly known as Muvico 18. I want to make that distinction because I noticed one very visible flaw right off the bat. Please observe the image above: Now if isn’t immediately apparent, the AMC theater still has the Muvico brand posted as the first thing you see. Not only that, but it looks like a haunted abandoned theater. I understand the place was recently changed to AMC, but impressions are impressions. At first, I was confused, making sure I arrived at the right location. Speaking of location, the theater does well for being placed right across some small restaurants like Pei-Wei and Jersey Mike’s It provides a nice one-two-punch for those wanting a quick before or after the movie.

A Clash of Ages

Another odd choice, the theater has a large ticket booth before you enter, however this booth is empty it looks to have been empty for a while. When you mistakenly assume you were supposed to get your tickets at the booth, you pass it and go inside to find the attendants providing tickets per your request. The line is poorly designed as they have the two automated ticket machines right next to the customer at the desk. This means if you’re trying to access one of those terminals, you’re going to squeeze behind that person to order your tickets. I hope you have good breath, because you’re going to be close enough that they can smell yours. When I got my ticket, I walked towards the concession stand, I looked back and thought, “Well I’m glad we got pass that.”


Formerly Known as, Streamline

I assumed the rough start was due to the supposed transition, so I put it behind me. The food is standard; however, it does have a nice pickup area for hot foods across the lobby. Here you’ll see a prominent screen placed in the middle of lobby but it wasn’t on. I found it strange because a screen like that is primed to take advantage of some easy advertising. It’s a decent setup as the pickup area prevents people from hanging out around the main concession while they wait. The style was attractive, albeit probably not the best use of the limited space. I would like for them to have a more extensive food option, something that would truly warrant that separate section. Perhaps a menu update would benefit AMC 18 in the future.

The Screech ScreenRoom

I entered the Screenroom, and had no assigned seats this time around. We decided to sit up close in the first three rows. My first seat welcomed me with a gnawing screech, like an annoyed teacher scratching her nails against the chalkboard. My friends’ seats were the same so we all moved down to be greeted by the same symphony. It was so irritating we all laughed in disbelief. Moving up one more row, we were able to find silent seats and thus able to enjoy the movie.


A Disservice to It’s Movies

I left the movie theater in a relatively good mood thanks to a truly entertaining movie. The theater itself, in fact, did nothing close to provide a sense of comfort or reliability. When going back over my experiences, I realized that the movie had to fight against all the off-putting nuances beforehand. I love the outside design of this place but even that isn’t to AMC18’s merit, because it doesn’t properly represent the current state of the theater

Movie-Go or Movie-No

This is a NO for me film fans, I understand why the parking lot looked empty despite it being in a nice spot. It’s pushed behind a building, and begs for parking lot lights in hopes of making it less, “mug-friendly” at night. I don’t mean to come off harsh, but this isn’t the place you come to visit for a matinée, this isn’t a place you go to see a blockbuster, and it’s not a place you want to take a date to. At the end of the day, AMC Pompano Beach 18 is outdated and poorly arranged. I hope the new owners will make ways to improve this theater because currently, there’s no reason I see to come here.


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