New Bumblebee Trailer Gives Us Hope

I recall in the distant dystopian past of 2007, the beginning of the Bay Era which lasted a decade. Now after several movies directed by Michael Bay – an entity that I’m sure taught the universe how to, “big bang” – we finally have a new director giving transformers a shot. Travis Knight is at the helm, and if you don’t quite know who he is, he was the director of Kubo and the Two Strings and the animator on Caroline.

After seeing his recent work, this guy loves animation, particularly stop-motion. The bottom line, he has been developed kid stories for many years, I think this we will be closest Transformers movie to Generation 1. Thus, with great expectations, I present to you all, Bumblebee.

You mean Bumblebee looked like his respected car?

You mean Starscream looks like a jet even after he transforms?!

You mean we’re gonna protect and help daily civilians?

I’m pleased that we’re having a Transformers movie that heralds back the old simple story of a kid and his alien friend. Based on the trailer, we’re not trying to get the “Mcguffin of Destiny” and bump into the obligatory supermodel whom cant act. So often, Hollywood confuses heroic with CGI. The more computer generated pixels on the screen, the more heroic it looks, despite people dying or cities and buildings falling. Now let’s be cautious because if Ninja Turtles 2 has taught us anything, Micheal Bay’s influence can persist no matter the director.

Stay tuned as I will be keeping a close eye on this one.

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