AMC Pembroke Lakes 9: Review

AMC Pembroke Lakes 9

When I venture out to a movie theater, especially if it’s for a blockbuster or highly anticipated film, I want more than just a big screen. I’m the type that will pay $20 a ticket to make sure that my seat is reserved, that the food and screens are above standard quality, and the atmosphere must be overwhelmingly comfortable. Others may be willing to spend as much, but rather not have a mundane viewing. I believe we’ve found a place to accommodate us both!

Lobby And Presentation

The Pembroke Lakes, while not being a perfect theater, still maximizes it strengths so much that it is close to my favorite in Fort. Lauderdale. The first that jumps out when I enter the theater is the presentation. From automatic ticket machines to the well laid out lobby, it prepares you for an event. Too often theaters underestimate lobby presentation, personally, I loved the feeling when I entered. The sidebar was surprisingly busy, to be honest, I hardly see a theater’s bar occupied. Once you have the ticket the staff interacted with a “thanks for coming” before, “enjoy the show.” Another underrated novelty is seeing the staff simply enjoying working at the place you’re visiting. They talked to the customers as averse to simple serving them. Upon asking, I was given the most detailed breakdown of their AMC membership. I don’t know if a commission is applied per sale but she broke down everything I needed to know about the program. Just through her talking, she knew her information and was excited when explaining it – this is what I mean by presentation.

AMC Pembroke Lakes Delivers a Strong First Impression

*OKAY, NickyD we get it, you love explaining! Geez!* …Well… Moving on then… The food is the weak point, and perhaps, “weak” is too harsh a word. The food is essentially the same as it is, at most large theaters. The tasty hotdog or the passable nachos, or the cant-go-wrong popcorn are all here too. To be fair, for those who want a more food-tailored experience, you select a Dine-In theater.

The ScreenRoom

Once we sat down, I appreciated the size of each seat. Even a not-so-slim fellow like myself could slide to one side or the other. The arm space is enough where you or a friend can make the experience personal (unless your neighbor is constantly talking). I tried out their Dolby experience room, which is their highest tier of enjoying movies there. I’ll say this, I’ve always felt like seats that move with the movie are a waste of money. Everytime I’ve used it, including this visit, the demo explaining how the seat works are more impressive than it’s performance during the actual movie. Aside from the sound and screen, both nearly identical to Imax, the Atmos sound quality does notably move around you.

Well-Spaced Lobby Gives Reason to Hang Around Before and After.

Movie Do or Don’t?

Obviously, Do! AMC Pembroke Lakes 9, takes all the mandates of a “good theater” and ramps them up making it a great theater. Keep in mind, you have to know what you want from your movie night. This little gem can make your simple date feel a bit more like an event, without it being such. However, if you want to have the personal memorable night, Pembroke Lakes won’t beat out other theaters that give you those luxurious two-seaters, and expansive dine-in options.

Know which place suits what you need, or just ask me!

2 thoughts on “AMC Pembroke Lakes 9: Review

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