Regal Broward Stadium 12 & RPX Review: Basically Generic

Regal Broward Stadium 12 & RPX

I wasn’t sure If I wanted to talk about this theater only because well…you all know about this one if you’re in Fort Lauderdale, I’m sure this is one of the standard locations to catch your favorite blockbusters. Despite this, I feel pressed to give my few cents regarding this faithful gem.

Jack Of Trades

RBS:12 has a lot going for it obviously, the size of the theater provides a ton of viewings and with a good amount having large screens. The RPX feature (which conventionally is the same as IMAX) is almost standard for me when watching action movies. What makes the theater such a prime pick is not only the theater’s size but also its location. The theater is a part of the Westfield Mall. It also shares space with the Fountains, an area with a wide variety of shops and restaurants. I like to call these “Package spots,” because normally a paying moviegoer will also generate money for the surrounding establishments.

The Screen Room IS Lacking

In all honesty, there’s not much to say about RBS:12, it’s the very essence of a mainstream theater not really excelling in any particular way. It’s the thoughtless selection when having a family movie night, and does well for those who don’t really want much from their theater other than a lovely screen and theater snacks. It’s been so long since I’ve watched a movie here that I forgot what standard seats felt like (I sound like a snob, I know) but mainstream theaters serve their purpose, they don’t put too much extra care into their seats because they need to put in as many of them as possible. This isn’t to say they’re terrible but you’ll notice the difference if you’ve been to a theater with a smaller seat count but higher quality.


Box Office


Cost Of The Food: Time

Lastly, there is one thing that this theater, in my opinion, failed to do on a nearly frustrating level. Apparently, RBS:12 only has only one concession stand, and no matter when I go, the line moves at a snail’s pace. A feature I’ve seen in other theaters is secondary concession stands, especially on days where it’s guaranteed to be busy. Even after arriving a half hour early I barely caught the first trailer. A secondary concession stand would do wonders for their overall quality of life experience.

Movie-Do or Don’t?

Overall Do, it’s a good place if don’t think too hard about your movie experience beyond the movie. For some people like myself, it’s about the ambiance, the absence of shoulder-to-shoulder congestion, and providing an overall personal viewing. You may not see me going there a lot but I can at least say that Regal Broward Stadium 12 & RPX is an acceptable place to catch a flick.

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