ROK:BRGR – My Downtown Burger Pick

Rok Burger.

Where Burgers Rok! Okay, I’ll stick to just reviewing…

So, this lovely slice of well-grilled heaven resides near Los Olas on 2nd street, downtown. Let’s see if it’s food is as good as it’s location!

The Vibe – Inviting Bar Atmosphere

When you enter, you get the vibe of a small-time bar with big-time food. The bar meddles alongside the dining tables giving me the impression that either area is equally welcome. I tend to sit at the bar as it feels more fitting with it’s dimmed lights and overall hippie decor. Upon approaching the entrance you can choose between the outdoor or indoor seats. The indoors being cool and comfortable while outdoors give you a nice view of the street and all of its many other establishments. Lastly, 2nd street is a little nightlife haven as bars, food and clubs are all neighbors to each other.

The Food – Each Burger Makes A Statement

The burgers provided on the menu so far have lived up to their chosen names. I’m a bit of a shameless burger freak and too many times I’ve seen a burger place offer different burgers with the only difference in taste being a couple of ingredient swaps. This gives a false impression of a large selection. The first visit, I tried the Morning glory Burger which was tasty, yet it failed to fully capture the breakfast burger as well as other burger spots such as BurgerFi’s All-Day Breakfast Burger. I was content with this place simply being a serviceable spot but the fries did beckon to me. The flavor of the oil and the seasoning was just a tad addicting. My second visit I asked for their “brag burger” and thus I was pointed to the South Floridian.

Now that’s a beauty – The South Floridian


The waiter mentioned this burger has won multiple burger awards so let’s give it a shot. It was a jumble of different flavors all contrasting but complimenting – the very essence of what I consider a well-crafted burger. The manchego cheese surprisingly didn’t make me miss my favored swiss, the oxtail marmalade worried me the most but it didn’t overcome the taste of the beef patty. The crispy potato strings was a lovely background taste and while the piquillo pepper aioli was not bad but it didn’t stand out, which some may argue is the point. To top it all off, the fries were once again delicious! I tasted some of the truffle fries based on a recommendation. At first, I wasn’t a fan but after the third fry, I understand why others would pay more for them.

It’s not all sunshine though, the wings for appetizers, were honestly terrible. It was burnt and the whatever flavor they were aiming for was sorely missed. One could chalk it up to just a bad dish but the taste was so resenting that I asked for it be removed as I couldn’t finish my second wing. Good news is, it’s a burger place, and the burgers are amazing!


This was a terrible picture, but it fits the subject matter.


The Service – They Serviced

The service was standard, I appreciate that the waiter knew their prized burger and gave adequate suggestions. I often found the bartenders to be just as effective servers as the table waiters. Either way, nothing much to say in that regard and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Dine or Dodge?

Dine! I say bring a few friends and head to the bar! The people there are nice and I encourage you, “basic burger lovers” to try one of their uniquely-crafted options. Stay tuned for more restaurant and movie reviews; leave a like or a comment below with your ROK:BRGR experience.

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