SilverSpot Cinema (Coconut Creek): Few But Great

SilverSpot Cinema Theater

SilverSpot Cinema is practically a Florida exclusive, considering three (Coconut Creek, Naples, and upcoming Miami)-out-of-five (Chapel Hill-NC and upcoming Orange Village-OH) theaters reside in this state. I visited the Coconut Creek location and found it’s location pretty ideal. In the Promenade, along with the SilverSport, are an accumulation of nice restaurants and shops. To me, it’s nearly perfect for a quick dinner and movie combo, but we’ll get to that later

Low Quantity, High Quality

These theaters are few in numbers but from what I’ve seen, they make sure it feels different. Upon walking in, the lobby gave off a cafe vibe. Table and seats are set for those who wish to grab a bite from their menu before or after the movie. Nearly in the middle, I noticed a bar with a couple customers drinking there.

The ticket process is entirely automated. As a person who prefers ordering his tickets ahead time, and having that peace of mind, I usually use the ticket machine when I arrive at any theater. The system is smooth, quick and usually, if there’s an issue it is handled rather quickly. I’ve been there several times and have had only one small error with its’s devices.


By: City And Shore Magazine


The ScreenRoom

When entering the screen room, I noticed that the theaters are a bit smaller than I’m used to. I truly enjoyed the legroom, which has become practically necessary for me to feel comfortable. The design and size again brought a more humble but elegant feel. The waiters would take your order before the movie starts providing a fairly quick return once the order is made. I love it when someone can sit right next to me, but we don’t feel each others’ presence.

The seats are spacious and really comfortable. nice soft leather and of course a pullout table for food. Now I didn’t know this until I sat down the first time, but SilverSpot is a dine-in theater. Usually, competitors make a point to include the term “dine-in” in their title but I’m sure SilverSpot is creating a brand where its “name” and, “dine-in” will be synonymous.

The Food sir?

The food is not bad at all, most of my visits involved picking up a couple items. I can only speak to the buffalo wings which are good, and the sometimes forgettable flatbread. I won’t say much about the food as I have not truly tasted what their hosting restaurant, Trilogy, has to offer. You can view the menu here to see if anything catches your fancy. I’m sure I’ll revisit SilverSpot’s food and review it for you all later.

Movie-Do or Don’t?

It’s a Movie Do! Visit this place, it may become one of your new favorite movie viewing locations if you’re close to any of the locations. I truly appreciate the ease of access to tickets, and their use of space is well-crafted. I’m sure that SilverSpot Cinema can compete with the big boys, but for now, it will be a small secret that I expect will get bigger.


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