O-B House : A Pricey, Delicious Secret

Hello, lovers of Cinema and Cinnamon!

With this being my first restaurant review, it’s only fitting that it would be for breakfast, so let’s dig in at O-B House!

O-B House’s Ingredient Choices

The narrative of the O-B House is, higher price for higher quality ingredients. This is enforced on the site, the owner detailing in various ways the restaurant could have cut corners for less quality but refused to. Extra is paid to make sure everything is fresh and natural. This much can be said, ” I do taste a difference from the many chain pancake dispensers that most are familiar with.”  A fresh breakfast made by a well-trained staff is the best way to start the day. The atmosphere was very humble and framed to give off a, “family restaurant” vibe. In all honesty, it worked for me thus allowing me to feel comfortable from the moment I walked in.


I ordered a breakfast platter with their signature oven-baked pancake! Now, the pancake alone is $18, as a consumer I was hesitant to order such a big pancake with the platter. Luckily I was able to order a child pancake which is smaller. These two orders ended up being a little over $30(!) so keep that mind. Now on the big question….

“How Does it Taste?”

Simply Delicious! To be fair, I’m going to try and avoid using that word but the food reminds you of it’s quality with every bite. It’s been a long time since I had such a exciting experience for breakfast. The bread was soft, and the butter used added a great deal of flavor. I just wished they would lightly spread it or leave it in small cup, mine was slightly saturated with butter. Normally this would have me fore-go the bread entirely but I still enjoyed it. The bacon were super crispy (not burnt) and the eggs were prime taste-wise(I could eat eggs all day). I wasn’t a big fan of the breakfast potatoes bites, then again I think the portion was just too much personally. The pancake was such an anomaly to me, it was softer and it looked so different from what I’m used to a pancake looking like. The taste erased all doubts, it mixed well with the natural maple syrup to provide this hybrid of cake/pancake matrimony. I understand why they tend to highlight the pancake above all else.



The People

So with a background in hospitality and customer service, the service matters to me. The restaurant has a No-Tip statement on their table stating that their workers are paid well enough that tips are not needed. Unfortunately I couldn’t really ask the waiters for their pay to verify but if it is true, then I’m thoroughly impressed. There was a manager who stood in the middle and oversaw all the employees. At first I thought he was a micromanager but in my interaction alone, he picked on a few cues that the young waiter did not. My table was uneven, so he asked the waiter to put a couple coasters to balance it out(I hope they get that fixed), he noticed my glass was low and made sure it was refilled. I’ve heard of this system before but I never seen it in action. Everyone is nice and they all are courteous. My main gripe with the restaurant is, at the time there were a set of pastries sitting on the table right next to me. Not only did it take up another two seats but I was filling a little under the weather that day. It was a little nerve wracking as each time I had to cough I tried extra hard to make sure that pastries were unaffected. I thought this was strange and well, this could be a nitpick, but I don’t think any pastry for sale should be an easily cough-vicinity of customers.

Dine or Dodge?

Oh yeah, we’re definitely dinning! I’m gonna upload some more pictures on my next visit, because some of the other customers’ plates looked like art. If your wallets are little “compact” like mine, I suggest going with the platter and the child pancake to get the full experience but I will try the adult size pancake one day. Let me know what you think if you visit there. Thank you for reading, this is my first step on this adventure, and I plan to grow and improve if you’re willing to tag along for the ride!

Tell them Nicky D recommended you…

Not sure if that’ll catch on but we’re doing it!

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