The Predator (Wakka Wakka)

We're Back On The Preds! Sorry, I thought opening up with a terrible pun would be fitting for this movie. Pun aside, we're back to see our favorite clicking, crab-mouthed killers doing what they're known for; getting involved with a zany crew of likable goofballs! Oh wait, I guess that's not what they're known for … Continue reading The Predator (Wakka Wakka)

The Nun

So Let’s Talk The Nun... The Nun is a prequel to the Conjuring series, giving us a backstory on this infamous creature. The movie aims to provide her origin, suspenseful scares, and connection to the other movies. So let’s talk… These movies have always been an event for my horror friends and I mainly because … Continue reading The Nun


So Let’s Talk Searching… Searching is a mystery thriller done through the same visual aesthetic as a recently reviewed movie, Unfriended. It speaks on the theme of a father not truly understanding his daughter, and then her suddenly disappearing. The trailer attempted to make it seem like a more sinister movie but it’s not. In … Continue reading Searching

Mission Impossible Fallout Review: Falling Out Asleep

Mission Impossible Fallout I’ll admit, I haven't been with the Mission Impossible series for a long time. The first one I saw in theaters was Ghost Protocol. The movie was a fixed tempo of action and suspense, coupled with a “We’re on our own” setup, made for a very entertaining movie. And to think, I … Continue reading Mission Impossible Fallout Review: Falling Out Asleep

Burger 21 Restraunt Review: An Acceptable “Meh”

Burger 21 Burger 21 is nice little place on University Drive and Davie in the Arrowhead shoppes. I recall visiting this place when it first opened, and it was a lackluster experience back then. Nearly a year later, it seems their menu has doubled in size and the burgers have gotten better. Their fries are … Continue reading Burger 21 Restraunt Review: An Acceptable “Meh”

The First Purge Review: A Steady Improvement

The First Purge The Purge series is an odd phenomenon; from watching the first two movies to seeing this one, I’m amazed at how this series has grown. How often does a movie property start out as a joke, then progressively improves with nearly every release? Enter in The First Purge, a movie that has … Continue reading The First Purge Review: A Steady Improvement